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C & C++


C Programming

Covers the whole of the C language from scratch. May be used as an introduction to programming.

C++ Programming

A comprehensive introduction to C++ in particular and object oriented programming in general

C++ Programming for C Programmers

Starts from a C programming background and introduces C++ concepts such as object orientation and generic programming

C++ Advanced Programming

Advanced C++ topics including memory management, efficiency, robustness, design patterns and an in-depth look at the Standard Template Library

C++ for Java Programmers

Enables existing Java programmers to make the jump to programming in C++, including the latest features of the language

C++14 for C++ Programmers

Covers the new features of C++ which were introduced in C++11 and C++14

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Java Programming for C++ Programmers

Enables existing C++ programmers to make the jump to programming in Java, including the most useful packages

Eiffel Programming

Covers the major features of the Eiffel language plus EiffelStudio, EiffelVision and the Eiffel Design Methodology

Go Programming

Go essentials for developing single-threaded and concurrent applications