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C++ Programming for C Programmers

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C++ Programming for C Programmers

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Starts from a C programming background and introduces C++ concepts such as object orientation and generic programming. It covers all popular versions of C++ (C++98, C++11, C++14 & C++17)



  • Structures and pointers in C
  • Differences to C
  • Constants and enumerations
  • Dynamic memory allocation
  • Reference variables and arguments


  • Declaring and using classes
  • The 'this' pointer
  • Access control
  • Constructors and destructors
  • Static elements
  • Friend functions and classes
  • In-line functions


  • Single inheritance
  • Modifying access control
  • Nested classes
  • Type conversion
  • Multiple inheritance
  • Virtual super-classes
  • Dynamic casts


  • Function overloading
  • Virtual functions
  • Virtual destructors
  • Abstract classes
  • Class pointers
  • Templates


  • Operator overloading
  • Copy constructors
  • Initialisation


  • Basic stream I/O
  • Overloading stream operators
  • Using stream methods
  • Using manipulators

Code Organisation

  • Header files and source files
  • Using namespaces
  • Interfacing to C routines


C++ couples the benefits of object-oriented programming with the efficiency of C. Object orientation results in more robust code that is easier to understand and maintain.

This course covers all the major features of C++ and highlights the differences to C. The basic principles of object-oriented programming are covered.

Participants acquire hands-on experience of the language by working through a wide selection of exercises.


On successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Write, compile and execute C++ programs
  • Apply C++'s object-oriented features
  • Use containers and templates
  • Safely manage resources using matched constructors and destructors
  • Use elements of the standard library


This course is aimed at programmers, analysts, engineers and technical managers who already have some knowledge of C (or Java) and who are interested in C++ program development.


This course assumes a working knowledge of the C language up to the level covered in the C Programming course. Alternatively, a knowledge of Java up to the level covered in the Java Programming course will suffice.

Programmers without C or Java experience should consider our C++ Programming course.

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